How to do? Radio Speedometer LCD Conversion Repair Hifi King

What means that radio alteration you are offering?

We offer the alteration of a Seat standard radio into DIN radios as usual in the trade. These standard radios are solely equipped with a tape deck and radio receiver.

For which models does that apply?

For Seat models Ibiza / Ibiza Cupra / Cordoba / Cordoba Vario, build year 09.1999 - 03.2002

Is that possible only for vehicles with A/C automatic or also without A/C?

Basically there are two versions of airing in this production series. On the one hand the A/C automatic and on the other hand the automatic airing without A/C. For both versions an alteration is possible without any restrictions for the using, display or any functions.

How can I be sure that my vehicle can be alterated?

If your middle panel has one of these radio-airing-displays you can be sure, that we can alterate this. You can see here the middle panel on the one hand as A/C automatic and on the other as an automatic airing.

Will I be able to use everything correctly as before (heating, airing, date, clock etc.)?

Yes, you can use everything without any restrictions. By alteration the "PROG"-button for setting date and time is removed. After that we use the unused "DX" button of your Seat display for these functions.

What do I have to send to you for the alteration?

We need the radio display and the controlling unitt for radio and airing behind it (big metal box with tape deck). Futher we need the ISO frame of your new radio that you want to install into your car. If you possess a radio that you want to use you can send the frame together with the other parts to us and we install it for you. If you do not have a new radio we can make you very cheap offers of every car radio that you find in any shops. Please have a look in our latest ISO radio offers. We are sure you find the perfect one for you.

What about warranty on your work?

Of course there is warranty on our work. We give you two years of warranty for our alterations, if a mistake is made by us. Your display and the controlling unit are sealed after alteration. And in case any problems appear after warranty had ended we willingly help you, of course.

What does that mean, Version 1, 2 & 3 and what about this additional special?

We offer you the radio alteration in three different versions:

Version 1 is the basic one, including everything you need (complete alteration, all cables, insatalling manual etc.).

Version 2 is the extension of version 1 with some optical upgrades. Here we remove the unused buttons of your old display, that you do not need any more with your new radio. All needed buttons for setting date and time are kept. After that the upper case is painted professionally in the colour of your choice in a special procedure. It looks originally and almost like a new one. A special procedure is needed, because otherwise the buttons would not be usable anymore.

Version 3 is the extension of version 2. Here we remove all buttons, that are located on the left and on the right of the LCD. Setting of date and time is done by an own manufactured board on the back of the display. Simply and quickly set it before re-installing all parts into the instrument panel – done. Special means, that that the illumination of the LCD is changed. You can choose between a nice dark blue, like VW, or a white illumination, like Audi. Additional alterations of speedos’ illumination into these colours are also possible.

How long will the alteration last?

For version 1 we need 3 days of work. But on the third day it will already be on the way back to you. Versions 2 and 3 and „special“ will take seven days, due to the glass fibre works.

Will I be able to use my car while you alterate my parts?

Yes, without doubt. You should only programme your airing / A/C that way, you have a comfortable temperature fort he last of alteration in your car. The airing works without controlling and display. Furthermore the parts are only some days away, and we try hard to send you back your parts as soon as possible.

What about a bill?

You get a bill, with seperately reportet V.A.T. for the alteration and everything additional.

Do I need anything else fort he alteration?

In addition to the ISO frame of your new radio you may need an adaptor for your antenna, that changes the Seat plug into the plug of your new radio. If you buy a radio at our store we know which adaptor to use and we tell you, if it is not delivered with the radio. If you already have a radio that you want to use, please make sure that you have such a part or if it is needed. Of course you can buy this in our accessories shop.

What do I get back? And do I get my parts?

Only your parts are alterated for you and you get back your display and your controlling panel in a new case, without tape deck.

Have I to do anything else?

You get back your display and the controlling unit including all needed cables and a detailled manual for reinstallation on photo CD. Everything is prepared for a quick and easy self-made-installation. The CD will guide you through the whole installation step by step and explain everything very detailled.

What happens with my parcel after having arrived at your company?

You get an information about the time and the condition of the parts, after they have arrived. After that it goes immediately to the alteration. When the parcel is going back to you you get one more information about the time we gave it up.

What can I do, if I have questions while installing or if I’m not quite sure?

In that case you can contact us, of course, whether by phone or write us, contact. We care as good and quickly as possible, so you are satisfied with your service.

My original Seat radio switches on automatically – help!

That mistake is well-known very long (in the original state; not alterated by our company). This can happen even with pulled off ignition key or when your car is locked. Your controlling unit of the original radio has got a mistake, so a specific part can melt inside. Actually your only chance to repair this is to buy a new part at Seat's for about 400,00 Euro. But even than it has the same mistake, so after some time the same problem can appear again. After our alteration mistakes like this do not appear any more by 99%. Even if your controlling unit does not show these mistakes, this repair is done precautious to protect you of this problem fort he future.

Is it possible to repair my broken Seat LCD display (original)?

The LCD’s are very sensitive, so often the mistakes appears, that letters, numbers and symbols are shown half or not correctly. This is unfortunately a defect of the LCD at 99% and can only be repaired by changing this part. Of course we offer that service, even with or without alteration of the radio. Simply ask us.

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